Who we are

SwissLeg, offers affordable, functional and durable prosthetic legs to amputees who have unfavorable options and resources to secure their own mobility. We combine an innovative design, a simple and fast manufacturing process, to give amputees in the possibility to walk and run at a minimal cost.

We believe that walking is a basic human right that should be enjoyed by all people and We would like to see this global humanitarian need for low cost, comfortable prostheses satisfied with an affordable and economically viable solution for amputees the world over.  Our team would like to make a difference in the lives of millions of amputees in the developing world and in the process reshape the global prosthetic industry. 

Our values

Collaboration with anybody regardless of age, gender, culture, political views and religion.
Principle of action with no partiality in conflict areas. SwissLeg will maintain a neutral position in any country of operation (ICRC Charter) without taking sides no matter the origin or reason of conflict.
Create partnerships with similar organizations
Share knowledge and experience with existing implementing partners involved in rehabilitation and prosthetic services. The end goal has to be beneficial to humanity at large.
Promote and support local talent
In training professionals
Independence from external structures
Promote innovation in the prosthetic technology, the fitting process and the innovative delivery system.