What we do

SwissLeg offers affordable artificial limbs to amputees in the developing world by producing comfortably fitted prosthetic legs that combine an innovative design, a simple and fast manufacturing process using readily available, light, and durable materials.


Mohammad Ismail has found a way to create an artificial leg in a single piece with the required alignment incorporated. Needing simply one screw and an adaptor to fit the foot, SwissLeg can manufacture affordable, high mobility artificial limbs. Because the manufacturing process is fast and innovative, the patient can literally walk out of the workshop the same day they go for a fitting!

  • Casting and alignment process: incorporates the alignment in its design from the very beginning of the process.
  • Materials: a low-cost polypropylene which is sturdy yet flexible.
  • Thermo-molding technique: allows components to be molded together making the leg lighter and more robust.

Due to the low cost of the materials and the simplicity of the process, the final product is affordable to patients in developing countries.

The need

According to the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) there are approximately 32 million amputees in the world. 80% of them live in developing countries and only 5% of those are fitted with a suitable prosthesis. This means that over 25 million people today are in need of one or more artificial limbs. 75% of Ortho and Prosthetic services are for Below Knee (BK) amputees. Therefore the demand for affordable prosthetic legs is enormous yet the solutions are few.



Existing prostheses are either unaffordable, created to meet the demand in the developed world, or low cost but very uncomfortable and poor quality. Conventional artificial limbs are often assembled with pre-fabricated components, shipped from Western countries, and adapted to the patient on location. The alignment, where the distribution of the body weight falls, has to be adjusted at every stage of the process. This makes the leg heavy, the process long and the fitting often inadequate.