SwissLeg, commissioned by *Kammea, established an orthopaedic workshop on the premises of the Ikonda Hospital in Tanzania. Kammea is a Swiss bases association supporting various non-profit missions in Tanzania.



In co-operation with the AVSI foundation SwissLeg introduced its mono-limb technology to the Orthopaedic Centre at the Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in September 2016. The centre serves amputees caused principally by the 18 year long civil war and road accident victims. 


SwissLeg established a clinic in Irbid, Jordan trading under the name 'The Precision Orthopedic Centre'.  The clinic continues to assist many people in the region, including Syrians living in the nearby Zaatari refugee camp but is now privatly owned by Mohammad Ismail, one of SwissLeg's three co-founders. 


In July 2013, SwissLeg entered into a contract with IOM Missan with the full support of the Iraqi ministry of Health, to help train 10 technicians at their Limb Factory. During the initial training period 22 amputees were fitted with prostheses.


In March 2014 SwissLeg partnered with International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to make 75 prostheses in the city of Damascus, Syria.